A Christmas mural by Banksy appears in Birmingham

Between Christmas markets , city competitions to see who adorns its streets with the most lights , a simple mural appears to raise awareness . It does so forcefully but delicately. Two reindeer take flight. But the reins do not tie them to Santa Claus, but to a street bench .

There is Ryan , who places his head and body among his belongings, as a pillow and mattress between the wooden planks of the bench. This is Christmas for Banksy , a reminder that Christmas good-nature, the illusion of family reunion and the huge feasts are a thing of the privileged few.

Thus, and with the subtle voice reinterpretation of Joy Williams of the famous carol par excellence of the American houses ( ‘ I’ll be home for Christmas’ by Bing Crosby ), we hit the wall of Vyse Street on the street. Birmingham city.



The pedestrians, neighbors and curious people of the English city, will now see that the reindeer have red noses (we will assume that it is Rudolph, as the legend says). However, in Banksy’s video we see no trace of the ingrown nose .

It is presumed that some fan of the artist wanted to modify the work and add his grain of sand to the mural. And this is part of the greatness of Banksy’s work : it appears without attracting attention and that’s why the world interacts with the space as it always has (like Ryan, sleeping in the bank where he usually lives) , creating something else larger than the mural itself. Want to know more? Check out these artists around the world

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