A ‘Mural’ of urban artists Asier Vera and Víctor Müs, is now among the 100 best in the world in 2019

The artistic couple Chisme, formed by Asier Vera and Víctor Müs, has sneaked into the ranking of the 100 best urban art murals made in 2019. Specifically, their spectacular piece is ranked 40 on the list of “Top 100 Urban Art, best artworks and street artistis of the year ”.

Asier is Basque but resides in Ponferrada and Víctor is a Bercian resident in Villadepalos . Now their names boast of signing one of the 100 best graffiti of 2019, according to the online platform specialized in urban art www.streetart360.net. Its award-winning mural dates from April 2019 and is located in the Valencian town of Benaguasil . Specifically, they did it within the framework of the Creart Caos Festival, organized by the Caos Community brand and in which they shared a poster with artists from Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Mexico, Seville and the Canary Islands.

In the “Top 100 Urban Art 2019” classification , they share merits with American, Greek, French, Israeli, Italian, Cuban, Argentine, English, Chinese, Indian, Chilean, Portuguese, Australian, German, South African, Malaysian, and Moroccan artists, among others.

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