About Banksy:

The name Banksy causes controversy, arouses conversations and curiosity. Banksy is known as one of the most controversial street artists on the world stage. The fact is that he has been in the graffiti scene for 20 years, but his identity is still unknown. His works have appeared in America, Australia, England, France, Jamaica, Israel and Palestine. Wherever he goes, his work has an impact. His political and satirical messages cross the boundaries between art, philosophy, politics, sociology, humor and narcissism. (Stencil Revolution)

He is the godfather of a new form of pop art that originated on the street. He used a basis that consists of powerful messages that he spreads through street art. Everyone can see Banksy’s stencil art. This ensures that he has a large reach and can make strong statements. The city does not have the power to change its works. But even if his art is destroyed, it draws attention to political issues. He is inspired by the stars in the field of street art and classical artists. His inspiration is a controversial area. Banksy has said that Massive Attack’s 3D graphics serve as inspiration. But the person involved after the French graffiti artist Blek le Rat, who is known as the father of stencil graffiti, caused a lot of commotion.

At first Blek was happy that he inspired other artists, but later he called Banksy a copycat. On the other hand, Banksy says that every time he does something, he finds out that Blek did it twenty years earlier. There are clear similarities between the rats in Blek’s work and the work of Banksy. (Fecal face, 2008) But it is Banksy that has an unforgettable impact on the world and that is a huge commercial success. Banksy’s socio-political style paves the way for future street artists and may change the way graffiti is seen.

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