Gouchizm from New York City: Fresh Graffiti Coffee mugs

During the 1970s, street art was born in NYC, a time when the town was bankrupt and wracked by crime. Young children from the Bronx and Brooklyn started tagging subway cars and buildings with graffiti marks, perhaps as a reaction to the chaos. It was an illegal and often dangerous practice, but it created an art form that would spread across the world and find its way into NYC museums and galleries.

Graffiti inspired coffee mugs by CLASSICK

💣 the one and only @gouchizm is the creator of some great graffiti inspired coffee mugs. CLASSICK is based on quality products from exclusive graffiti artists primarily based in the five boroughs of NYC 🏙. When he takes his creativity to the streets you’ll see some astonishing artworks.

Go check him out!




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