Interview with @Jarrod_grech

So what’s the story behind Jarrod Grech and his artworks? Find out through the questions below and the murals he painted all over Melbourne, Australia.

1) Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, can you give us a brief introduction of how you got in to street art?

When one of my best mates passed away on 9/02/18 it inspired me to turn a negative into a positive through my art. It was a wake up call to not waste my talent. I started with an oil portrait of my friend Louis and it went from there. Graphing is my favorite medium, to me it’s like oil painting in fast forward.


2. We love your work, and like the step by step pictures so you can see the mural evolving. Is this a full time job or is this something on the side?

Thank you! Watching it come together is my favorite part. Since corona I decided to give all my time to street art and see where it takes me. It’s what I love doing most paid or unpaid.


3. Do you have a favorite graff documentary / book or idol in the scene?

My favorite street artists at the moment are Smug1, Jeks and Banksy.

4. We noticed a lot of hip hop characters on your feed, which other categories really influence your work and why?

Hip hop to me is like art. It’s my favorite thing to paint and listen to. I also like graphing landscapes I learnt to oil paint with landscapes on canvas. Political and world events also inspire me.


5. We learned the word “oath” from you which translates in slang to: Australian slang, an expression of complete agreement.” Did you ever write graffiti in the streets of Victoria and do they allow to write on the walls?

🤣 The correct saying is “ oath” we are a bit rough down here sound like cowboys. I haven’t started writing on walls as of yet but I plan to and in Victoria I’m not sure if there’s any legal places to paint, I haven’t heard of any.

6. What is your favorite part of the graffiti scene? Of do you like street art more?

I like street art and tags but street art is more me at the moment that might change I don’t know I just started.


7. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone? And where can we find more about your work?

Yeah! I’ll give a shout out to @chris_nieves_portrait_artist for inspiring me and mentoring me.

And last but not least, in light of the #blacklivesmatter movement this mural of Tupac:


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