KÖPAK – (Characters by Kopak)

Graffiti characters are a huge part of the scene and culture. Whether it brings together a production, it is that little extra that brings a piece together. In search of new fresh graffiti characters we came across Köpak with a fresh cartoon design straight from the classic Sunday morning cartoons. Kopak characters updates his social regularly.

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Check out the process of the Kopak characters.


The Six Fanart Challenge is no challenge for KÖPAK either. You can distinguish each character by the unique elements, but it all remains in that beautiful KÖPAK style.

Now we will dive deeper into our favorite KÖPAK characters


Who doesn’t know Eazy-E? Eric Lynn Wright known as Eazy-E, was an American rapper, music producer, and record manager.


Wario is next to Bowser and Ganon (dorf) a villain from the Nintendo universe. However, Wario isn’t all that bad at all, but just wants to see some money and then it’s okay. Warui is Japanese for bad. When Nintendo was working on Super Mario Land 2: The Golden Coins, they needed a boss. Hiroji Kiyotake was put on the case and soon came up with a bad form of Mario. The Japanese company decided to give it the name Warui, which means ‘bad’. It quickly became Wario, because it sounds a bit better. You could actually see his name as Bad Mario. But there are even more differences between Mario and Wario. For example, Wario is a lot more muscular than Mario and has a bigger mustache.

KÖPAK and graffiti characters


KÖPAK also makes beautiful graffiti characters with spray paint on different walls around Rouen France.


This is a great collaboration between KÖPAK and DIABLO called “Laser Beam Attack”.


We finish this article with KÖPAK graffiti letters finished with a notable graffiti character.

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