This is what it looks like when graffiti artist Banksy works from home during corona

In times of corona you better be creative. That something he mysterious British graffiti artist Banksy must have thought because he worked like most of us from home during the lock down. On Banksy’s Instagram, he shared a photo of his renovated bathroom after a coat of paint. His fans are enthusiastic, but his wife a little less.

Due to the corona lockdown, people work at home as much as possible. This is also the case in the United Kingdom. Since graffiti artist Bansky is no longer allowed to take it to the streets, he thought there was nothing better than taking care of his own bathroom. There, drawn rats now hang on towel racks, walk on toilet rolls and even urinate in the toilet. The Instagram photo also has a funny caption, which means that his wife is not so happy with the graffiti in the house: “My wife hates it when I work from home.” With this incident, Banksy grants us a sensitive glimpse into private his life, which he normally shields strictly from the outside world. He usually shrouds in mystery, because nobody knows who he really is, not even whether he is a man or a woman.



The rats in Banksy’s body of work are not new. They feature in many of his other works of art and are said to have been inspired by Parisian graffiti artist Blek le Rat. Graffiti is also like rats to the Brit, because it pops up everywhere and never goes away, despite the sometimes frantic attempts to remove it. He is part of this list of great street artists worldwide.

Banksy is not shy about provocation

Banksy is not shy about provocation either. Earlier he painted a living elephant in the colors and motif of wallpaper, which led to many negative comments. Two years ago he played another striking trick. Then one of his most famous works worth a million pounds sterling went through a shredder at auction. Ironically, the girl with the balloon became even more precious after that action.