Fernando Miteff (Nic 707), may he rest in peace!

Mr. Miteff was born in Buenos Aires to Diana and Alexis Pablo Miteff, a former boxer who once fought Muhammad Ali and after retirement worked as manager of television production. He had spent a year in Argentina before moving to New York with his parents.

He took spray painting back to the metro, his work would last just this time for the term of an metro ride. His work included both graffiti alphabet letters as graffiti characters.

Fernando Miteff was so fond of his work, he gave it away. If you want to know about his work, check out the Nic 707 Instagram.


He was known to give pieces of paper finished with his rich letter structures and blueprints to up-and – coming artists to guide them, and to fans to express gratitude towards them, utilizing the spray painting tag Nic 707. Also, he did what most travelers thought had disappeared in the late 1980’s for the most recent decade: he took spray painting back to the metro in New York City.

In any case, this time, he did it by burning up a train, replacing advertisements with pieces by probably the most popular and most compelling spray painting artist on the planet, for example, Taki 183, and flipping them back towards the finish of his metro line.


While he spent most of his adult life doing odd jobs, including chauffeur and stand up comics, he returned to the subways in 2009 after having a brainstorm with him and a friend; it led to his InstaFame project. His simple personality and sense of humor helped him convince collaborators — from proven to up-and – coming ones — to paint works outside art openings on the sidewalk.

We do not own any of the pictures, and for more information please read the article of the New York Times or Street Art NYC (lots of awesome pictures!)

May he rest in peace!

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