Graffiti Jesus loves nachos is now a protected brand

KATHERINE – There is no arguing about taste and one calls it blasphemy, the other vandalism. What is certain is that it is now a protected brand name: Jesus loves nachos. After eight months of struggle, Australian city councilor Toni Tapp Coutts has managed to register the graffiti that has adorned a rusty railway bridge in her hometown of Katherine for years with the Australian Trademark Office.


The railway bridge was already considered a cultural heritage and Tapp Coutts hopes to keep the graffiti for posterity. She also wants to attract tourists and market souvenirs with the slogan. “I want to keep the story alive and give it a place of its own in the world,” the councilor told television channel ABC.

That story starts in the eighties. Some of the boys who were in Katherine for a Christian festival chalked “Jesus loves” on the bridge with white paint. A few years later someone added the word “nachos”. Reportedly, this was a relative of Tapp Coutts.

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