In different places around the world, street artists have adapted their artwork to the COVID-19 situation.

The coronavirus has infected countless people around the world, causing panic and many other problems. But it also inspired street artists who created murals and graffiti characters. They pay tribute to medical workers and raise awareness about the importance of staying at home and panic purchases.


Italian city artist TvBoy previously made a painting in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in which he criticized the decision of America’s President Donald Trump when he banned travel from Europe to the US. Below another work, Love in the time of COVID-19.


Uncle Sam streetart

Graffiti Master TvBoy also depicted Uncle Sam, the country’s national personification, wearing a mask with a European Union flag. TvBoy also added a recommendation to the mural: “I want you to stay at home.”



A work by street artist Martin1Smith2 can be seen on the Amsterdam NDSM site. “Support our superheroes,” is the message. Want to more about Amsterdam NDSM yard street art?


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