What is graffiti bubble style?

Think of the old school graffiti style but now with the round of letters in classic throw-ups. The letters overlap each other and consist of mostly circular and rounded letters. If you want to try this style out you can either first spray the underground and apply the outline later of you can add multiple colors to find a more fresh color panel.

In the video below we hear the meaning of graffiti bubble style alphabet letter from: Paes164

Here we have a few old school bubble letters alphabet example:


This is a piece by Brako December 2011 in Lima (Peru) in a classic Bubble style.


This is the classic bubble style throw-up by Rime in Los Angels and dates back from January 1970. So rime is one of the originals of the bubble style letters alphabet.


This awesome bubbly piece by Gris in Lyon (France) in April 2010.

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