What is wildstyle gaffiti?

In simple terms wildstyle defines as: Graffiti with stylized text, often with interlocking, three dimensional type of graffiti alphabet letters.

Take a look at the video below from Paes164 to learn what graffiti wildstyle is in his opinion.

Of course there are many wildstyle graffiti graffiti letters out there. Below we list a couple of awesome wildstyle graffiti throwups and pieces. If you want to know more about wildstyle graffiti alphabets A-Z we got you covered.

Here are a few examples of wildstyle graffiti throwups:


This is a piece by Augor, in Revok – San Diego and was added to the scene in may  2011.


This is an awesome piece by Ozer – Bobigny in France. The wildstyle reflecting in the water sure looks like wall art!


This is an awesome wildstyle letters sketch by Eaz from New York City (NYC). The graffiti character is really complementing the piece!

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