Graffiti and street art on Malta

It is still difficult to determine what to see in Malta. So much to learn and to see. Deciding what to see can become a nightmare if you’re into street art. So we decided to come up with a short list of the murals we love the most to help you out. Mind you, Malta has so much street art that you could spend months exploring it. One could say that Malta is a Street Art Museum. Enjoy!

Special thanks to and jaspermulder_photography for the photo’s!

Abandoned Plane in Malta, Monte Kristo Estate

Side_of_the_airplane_street_art_graffiti_Malta_monte_kristo Street_art_Malta_other_side_of_the_plane_graffiti_ Streetart_Malta_Airplane_graffiti_clouds_on_airplane_colourfull

The plane, built in 1982, was in service till the late ’90s and was then put in storage in Geneva, Switzerland. It was eventually leased out to Tassilli Airlines before ending up in Malta some time later. The photo’s are courtesy of go check out her Instagram. The creative artwork by L’Original / @NicholasBamert follow the link to see what he is up to.

Malta, Jerma Palace Hotel, Marsaskala

Mural_malta_face_abandoned_factory 3d_mural_malta_girl_face_rat_rose_kiss_lips_graffiti_Mural_street_art Mural_malta_aboned_factory_Face_girl_spraypaint_in_Mouth

The Jerma Palace Hotel (1982 -2007, Since then, left abandoned) creative breeding ground for street art and graffiti. Artist can work on their artwork in peace and it brightens up the abandoned building.

Msida Skate Park, Malta


Fresh from Malta it’s some awesome photo’s of our friend jaspermulder_photography The wolf character is from artist @marcamix031 while the others artists remain unknown. The art of Marcamix sure takes graffiti characters to a whole new level!

Photo’s of other abandoned places in Malta

Streetart_Malta_faces_on_wall_abandoned_Wall_factory Street_art_Malta_mural_faces_alien_graffiti_ Cat_abandod_factory_graffiti_street_art_malta

Make sure to visit Malta not only for graffiti and street art news, but also for diving or just enjoining the sun. Discover our photo’s of Amsterdam NDSM Yard or the Utrecht Berlin Square street art for a cool urban adventure in these Dutch cities.

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