Graffiti Characters Worldwide 2020

You just got to love the characters that brings pieces together. Here’s a ton of our all time favorite graffiti characters from around the world in 2020!

This list will be updated and expanded continuously throughout the year.

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📍 Location: Białystok, Poland

Friendly with and hit of sinister vibes, its ogryz_42 wolf character out there slayin.



📍 Location: Sarasota, Florida

Street artist & art conservator Carlos Alberto from Guadalajara Mexico. The real and freaky monster 3D artwork from carlosalberto_gh



📍 Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Look at the high contrast, high saturation and all that style and technique. Does this character makes you think of a certain film?  This is work by

Wzrankara & 06bekla


📍 Location: Bahçelievler, Ankara, Turkey

Here comes wzrankara  & 06bekla ‘s character with that bombing feel and blending character style. This is an awesome partnership!

Cemsonel & Atione46


📍 Location: Alaçat, Turkey

What’s cooking? Another partnership but this time from cemsonel  &  atione46 . This character knows what’s cooking. They bring a light and fun vibe with this character.



📍 Location: Rheine Ems, Germany

In light of the recent Corona virus we saw this quirky, fun and colourful bringing of life to walls with crips lines and popin’ colours of maikg_clask



📍 Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

He is coming in hot with a realistic style of painting, heavy set in a raw real setting. This awesome Mac Miller mural tribute was created by Greensboro own jeks_nc



📍 Location: Athens, Greece

In a world that’s always busy it’s good to take some time to relax and chill. This cartoon hand knows exactly what’s up, awesome work and take a look at his Instagram.  Slide to power off by mister.achilles



📍 Location: Melbourne, Australia

Great work by @stampz_37 of the Donald. The clown who took over US by surprise and is still going strong in his presidency. This work is on the streets of Melbourne and definitely worth your time if you ever visit Australia.

Two-tons tsk


📍  Location: Big Easy Crossfit, New Orleans

Two-tons tsk out here drawing everyone’s favorite cartoons character like Bart Simson with a little add touches and unique twist. We can’t seem to find his Instagram, so please shoot us an email if you know!



📍 Location: Brasil

jeffersonrodriguesdeoliv makes cartoons for adults, in this case the fun and playful feel of Goofy, but then the adult version.



📍 Location: Russia

This clean work by rrrsch is bringing unknown characters and figures to life in his own unique style.



📍 Location: Irini station, Athens, Greece

So this awesome realistic dreamy mural work by  insane51 is killing it.



📍 Location: Melbourne, Australia

This awesome mural work is full of rhythm though futuristic and mysterious compositions by jarrod_grech . We feel Big Poppa aka the notorious BIG would be proud of this awesome work.



📍 Location: Normandy, France

Another cartoon work but this time next level by blesea_one in an abandoned factory. We feel everyone knows this moment in the intro of the Simpsons.



📍 Location: Cibitung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

wg24.0 with some characters that have a sense of realism while the other is more cartoon / animated image kind of vibe. This particular image shows tons of style.

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