Top 10 urban streetart cities to visit around the world🌎

Graffiti has a controversial history, we see it as art and others see it as vandalism. Either way, there are many beautiful artworks in cities all around the world that are worth getting some attention. Whether politically charged, sentimental or comical, street arts is a form of freedom and expression that has developed its own culture in recent decades. Let’s take a look into all the different street and urban art cities around the globe.

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1. Berlin – Germany


This city is probably the capital of street art in Europe, where you can find a form of graffiti on almost every street in the city. From works the size of your palm to 30-meter murals, the city offers everything. The East Side Gallery, a rescued section of the Berlin Wall stretching over 1 km, is entirely dedicated to art that reflects the difficult history of the city. The Cosmonaut is a distinctive piece in Kreuzberg by Victor Ash. It has graced this wall since 2007 and is one of the most popular pieces in Berlin.

2. Bristol – Great Britain


Known as the infamous birthplace of world-renowned artist Banksy, Bristol is full of great works of art. In the 80’s there was an explosion in the street art scene and this heritage is worth admiring. There are some wonderful walking tours available to check out the best parts of the city.

3. Montreal – Canada


This eclectic North American city is a nest of culture; great food, great nightlife and great street arts. Despite graffiti being illegal, street artists are still finding ways to express themselves across the city on a massive scale. “Kids playing in the École Laurier schoolyard (in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood), like the thousands of daily passersby, probably no longer notice it. But this 95-foot long mural is still one of the finest in all Montréal and one of my favorite since its unveiling in fall 2014.

4. Paris – France


One of the most famous cities when it comes to art should of course not be missed when it comes to incredible street art. No matter what kind of art you like, graffiti will not disappoint in this city either. A relatively new road by Parisians standards, created only in 1999, the Rue Germaine Tailleferre in the 19th runs parallel to the canal and into the Parc de la Villette. This is where the streetartists in Paris come together on one big wall.

5. New York – United States


Graffiti in the Big Apple has its origins in the city’s subway, and nowhere is graffiti far away in the NYC. Wherever you are in the city, you can discover a large number of very creative and beautiful works throughout the city.

6. Sao Paolo – Brazil


In a controversial plan to make the city ‘more beautiful’, the city council began to cover graffiti works all over the city by painting them gray. Nevertheless, street artists still find many ways to paint the city. The colorful works are very easy to find throughout the city, but the more daring works can also be found in small alleys and side streets.

7. Melbourne – Australia


Fly down under and see one of the hippest street art cities in the world. Melbourne offers a very eclectic street art scene; something for everyone. Travel to Hosier Lane in the city to see some of the best parts of the city. You will not be disappointed!

8. Łódź – Poland


Perhaps less known, but definitely worth it. The city becomes the cultural center of the country, thanks in part to a huge campaign to promote street art. Many artists have helped to spice up the city. Piotrkowska is the place to be for street art, but in other parts of the city you will also find plenty of beautiful works.

9. Reykjavik – Iceland


Street art in Reykjavik has been around since its inception. Artist Guido van Helten, from our country, has made works in black and white in the Grandi Harbor, inspired by photos from the city’s photo museum. The most recent works are those of the music festival Iceland Airwaves in collaboration with Urban Nation from Germany, they want to bring together artists and musicians.

10. Valparaíso – Chili


This city is also less known as a street art hotspot. The art is reflected in almost all aspects of the street scene: on the walls, on the stairs, really all corners of the streets are decorated. You won’t have a problem searching, but a good starting point is Templeman Street, near Cerro Alegre.

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