Instagram Graffiti Wall Art Addicts:


The Graffiti Wall Art Addicts meaning is rooted in the Amsterdam Do It Yourself counterculture. Because of our laid back and free-spirited identity we feel art needs to be shared and people should be inspired. Graffiti Wall Art Addicts supports all artists, from all over the world.

This community of artists will upload artworks from the internet and artworks sent by you. All artworks will be followed by the profile of each artist and the name of his/her/their work.

We want to build our foundation on streetart worldwide and we don’t care if this awesome graffiti, stencil or any other form of streetart. In our journey to find streetart we will travel the world to find the best urban art that is out there.

We start our journey in Amsterdam and will move to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and end the first trip we do in Colombia in our journey to find the best street art around the world. Because of Corona this will be delayed until we can travel safely again.

The team of Graffiti Wall Art Addicts

📡 – Hunting #graffiti around the 🌍
💣 – Mix between upcoming and established
🔥 – Just for the heck of it 🤘
📌 – Amsterdam 🇳🇱, next: 🇲🇽, 🇱🇦, 🇬🇹,




So what is so special about our Instagram?

🔥 We find information around the artwork
🔥 We disclose the location of the artwork
🔥 We tag the artist so you can follow them
🔥 We give the lesser known artist exposure
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