#invaderathomechallenge #invadersathomechallenge

The corona virus holds the world in its grip. Everyone has to stay indoors and that can lead to a bit of boredom. Fortunately, there is no internet yet, and would like a home stay challenge soon.

Invader, world-famous for its 8-bit mosaic formula for creating cool and nostalgic characters, has found similar artists popping up using their home supplies to create Invaders as a substitute rather than using tiles.

By using these hashtags against your Invader art #invaderathomechallenge #invadersathomechallenge you can share your invaders around the world and stay connected throughout the lockdown period!

Check them out below:

This is by @__pat_m


This is by @snoil75


This by @42faby


This is by @B_NjkSUllbi


The challenge has only just begun. We expect that many more and many cooler videos will come along, while everyone has to stay at home. In the meantime, we wash our hands again and of course we keep you up-to-date about graffiti and street art news!

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