Bronx, Friday, December 13, 2019. Various media reported the death of the legendary and pioneering urban artist, Lonny Wood , better known as Phase 2.

The graffiti artist who is known for his art as “Funky Nous Deco” and credited with inventing the “bubble letter” style in the 1970s, Lonny died at 64 years of age from an illness called Lou Gehrig .

Phase 2, was also considered the synonym of hip hop, as he was in charge of designing the flyers for the iconic Grandmaster Flash and Afrikaa Bambataa for parties in the Bronx almost half a century ago.

Since August, Wood has been fighting against Lou Gehrig, who caused her death a couple of days ago. Without further ado see the tribute that has been made to the artist with the unique style of graffiti and visual art, below:



Black Lives Matter Movement


Invader at home challenge during Covid-19


Fernando Miteff, known as Nic 707, may he rest in peace