Wholesome story about a young graffiti artist: The Doodle Boy

People who are later called “great men”, such as Edison, who left elementary school because of problem behavior and Einstein, who barely spoke until he was five, may behave strangely during their childhood.

All images credit to the Doodle Boy Instagram. Go check him out and give him a follow!


Whether you decide to quit it as “abnormal” or quit, or if you find a talent and develop it, the life of the child will change greatly.

One of them is Joe Whale, a 9-year-old boy who lives in England.

He was obsessed with drawing all the time and was treated as a problem child with scribbles all over his school classroom . The notebooks used in the class were filled with graffiti instead of the blackboard.

At that time, it was none other than his parents who gave him a helping hand to see him as an artist. And a little tip from us: check these graffiti letters alphabets out to help him grow!


His parents took Joe’s enthusiasm and decided to send him to an art class after school. The art teacher quickly spotted his talent and shared Joe’s drawing on Instagram.

Then, a request from the restaurant “Number 4” in Shrewsbury, England, “I want you to draw little pictures on the wall of the shop” came to Joe.


“I was surprised when my son, who was just nine years old, was formally asked by a professional restaurant to doodle over the walls”

Joe replied to the request, and after returning to school for several hours, he stopped by the restaurant and started working.


Joe, who started painting, exploded with the ideas he had confined inside.

It took 12 hours to fill the wide wall of the restaurant with pictures.


His artistic talent quickly spread and is now known throughout England as “The Doodle Boy.”

Greg said to parents who are worried about their children’s abnormal behaviors: “Find out exactly what your child has dreams and passions for, and once you know it, it’s a creative place to develop your talents and blossom. It is important to give learning lessons and local workshops for the new artist.


The worst thing is to get the problem behavior to quit right away. Of course, there are bad habits that should be quitted, but there are also talents like this rough diamond.

Above all, it is the parent’s job to identify and develop their talent.

The boy, who was a problem child at school, quickly became a celebrity in England, thanks to his understanding parents. Today, he continues to paint every day, aiming to become a professional painter like these famous artist around the world.

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